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Heating Oil and Kerosene Tank Inspections

Vermont's law about inspecting heating oil and kerosene tanks. 

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Should you lease or own your propane tank?

Just like cellphones, cars, and even furniture you can lease or own your propane tank. Read more

5 Reasons Patterson Fuels Stands Out Among the Competition

When picking a propane or fuel oil company to service your home the lowest price per gallon isn’t always the best bet. Read more

Create Your Online Account to Simplify Your Life

online account

There is no denying that life has been a little busier than normal these past couple of months. Read more

Schedule Your Annual Tune Up Now And Save!

You may be asking yourself, what is a spring tune-up special? Is that just a cleaning but in the spring? Technically, yes. Read more

Heating Oil 101: What You Should Know About Heating Oil

Ever wondered what heating oil actually is? In this blog, we will break down 5 things you should know about heating oil. Read more

Have you checked your vents lately?

Vermont is no stranger to larger storms that can deposit several inches if not several feet of snow! While your first thought is to make sure you maintain your driveway… Read more

How to Read Your Heating oil and/or Kerosene Tank Gauge

We are officially in the thick of winter and it is important that our will-call customers keep a close eye on their tank level. Read more

4 Important Things to Do to Prepare for Winter Deliveries

Winter is in full effect today with those puffy snowflakes flying! As we all know, Vermont’s weather is very unpredictable. Read more

6 Things to Check Before You Place a Service Call

As the 2021-2022 winter season is fast approaching, we wanted to give our customers some service tips and tricks! While Patterson Fuels does have a full-time service department that is… Read more

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