3 Helpful Tips for Customers Who Use Heating Oil

While natural gas and propane are becoming an increasingly popular way to heat your home, there are still a large number of people heating their homes with heating oil and/or kerosene. In today's blog, we will give you three of our best tips for customers who heat their homes with heating oil or kerosene. 

1. Have your heating system professionally maintained. Keeping your heating system professionally maintained is one of the best ways to make sure it is running at its peak efficiency. We recommend our customers have their heating systems cleaned every year or every other year depending on your type of system. During the cleaning, our technicians will go through your entire system to check for dirty or worn out parts. Some of the most common parts that are replaced during cleanings are air filters, fuel filters, fuel nozzles, and pump strainers. Properly maintained heating systems can last 25 years or more. As a bonus, our technicians will also inspect your oil tank during your cleaning. Is your system in need of cleaning? Schedule your cleaning with us here!

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2. Start the summer season with a full tank. While some customers may want to go into the summer with an empty tank, it is actually best to start with a full tank. A full tank of fuel will help prevent oil tank corrosion. When a tank is left low, it allows space for water to condensate and wreak havoc in your oil tank and heating system. Water in your tank can create sludge or bacterial growth which can plug oil lines and filters. This is just another reason we recommend all our customers be on automatic delivery. We will take the guesswork out of it for you! Not on automatic delivery? Request your next delivery here!

3. Conserve on usage by evaluating the efficiency of your home. The easiest way to maximize your heating dollars is to make sure your vents and baseboards are not blocked by furniture or other items. Allowing proper airflow is crucial to an efficient running system. Here are a few more simple tips to help you maximize your efficiency. Open your shades when it is sunny out to allow the warmth of the sun in and close your shades at night to keep that warmth in. Check to make sure all the caulk around your doors and windows is fresh and still sealed well. It is also important to make sure all your doors seal well. If you can see daylight under your door you are losing heat and that is not a tight seal. 

Stay Warm!