4 Important Things to Do to Prepare for Winter Deliveries

Winter is in full effect today with those puffy snowflakes flying! As we all know, Vermont’s weather is very unpredictable. It could be 65° on Christmas like it was in last year or we could be in the middle of a good old nor’easter. The only thing for sure is that now is the time to start preparing for your winter deliveries. Below we have four important things to do in preparation for your winter delivery season.


1. Be sure your house number can easily be seen by the delivery driver.

 Please be sure to have your house number somewhere on your house that is easy for our drivers to see from the road. This is especially important for new customers as we have recently seen an influx of new customers. 


2. Remove Hazards around your tank and/or fill pipes.

 Be sure to trim low-hanging branches and bushes around your tank and fill pipes. In the winter when the snow and ice buildup on these items it can make it hard or impossible for our driver to fill your tank.


 3. Mark your tank and/or fill pipes.

 By marking your fill pipes with an orange ribbon, it makes it easier for your drivers to see. Snow and ice can often accumulate around the pipes making them harder to find. For underground propane tanks, it is especially important to mark them with a grade stake. Snow in Vermont can easily mask your propane tank dome.


 4. Clear snow and ice from walkways and driveways.

 Making sure you have a clear driveway is paramount for winter deliveries. Driveways need to be plowed and for harder to navigate driveways, they often need to be salted and/or sanded also. Delivery trucks can weigh anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 when loaded. That amount of weight can’t stop on a dime especially when driveways are snowy and slippery.


As always, we recommend customers be on automatic delivery so there is no fear of running out in the winter. To get set up with automatic delivery, please email us at [email protected] with your name and address.