How to Read Your Heating oil and/or Kerosene Tank Gauge

We are officially in the thick of winter and it is important that our will-call customers keep a close eye on their tank level. Below is how to read your heating oil or kerosene tank gauge.


The gauge on your heating oil tank is usually a clear plastic or glass cylinder with a float. The gauge has hash marks to mark F, ¾, ½, and ¼. If you do not see your float or it is at the very bottom of your cylinder this means your tank could be empty or near empty. 


Not sure if your tank gauge is working properly? Here is how to check it.  You can carefully take off the outer case and gently push down the float. If the float moves back up to its original position, it's still working properly. If the float stays down or doesn't move to its original position, the gauge is broken and needs service.


Most residential tanks are considered to be 275 gallons but only hold around 250 gallons to allow for air and debris space. At ½ tank, you have about 125 gallons in your tank. A 2,500 sq ft home will burn somewhere around 6-7 gallons of oil a day with temps around freezing. If you notice your tank at ¼ or just below it is important to call for a delivery. Remember the motto, “Reorder at a ¼.”


However, for your convenience and peace of mind, Patterson Fuels offers free automatic delivery. To enroll in automatic delivery you can email us via this link!


Stay Warm!