Spring Season Tune Up

Spring Season Tune Up - by Gerry Hartley, Patterson Fuels Service Management Team

 Have you ever heard the story about the desperately needed air conditioner that quit working on a snowy night in January? Me neither…

 Hi, Gerry Hartley here to say a few words about preparation and heating systems. First off - HOORAY!! This past winter was 20% warmer than the one before and that saved folks a LOT of money in heating costs, PLUS fuel prices really tumbled and that was a nice relief for all of our customers, and for us, too!

In the fall I often find myself sitting in my backyard by the fire sipping a cold one and watching the squirrels furiously charging about, gathering nuts for the winter. Why do they do that? Perhaps it’s related to that old supply-and-demand thing. They instinctively know winter is coming (increasing demand) and the nuts are falling off the trees (supply) and so they take advantage of it. There’s a certain sense of anticipation.

For homeowners, that instinctive thing sort of works the same way, but for many folks the anticipation of the coming season doesn’t quite kick in like it does for the squirrels. I guess maybe squirrels haven’t learned the fine art of procrastination….

Take heating your home as an example: The heating system in your house was simply turned off recently as the weather got warmer, right? Are you thinking about it much now? Nope. But come fall, the onset of cold weather will suddenly put demands on your furnace or boiler and only then, Aha!, do you realize you should have had it serviced when it was warm outside. It’s at that time when Patterson Fuels’ phones start to ring with an urgency we don’t hear all spring and summer.

Or worse yet, you go to turn on the heat next fall, or let’s say, the first really cold night comes and Wham! the heating system malfunctions. NOW there is a real sense of urgency! And for all of us here at Patterson Fuels, the demand goes through the roof! That means we pay our technicians overtime pay to keep up and we in turn pass that cost on to those who are in dire straits.

My suggestion to you is to anticipate more like the do squirrels do (even more since we are taking about taking action NOW in the spring and not waiting for fall). To help with this Patterson Fuels is offering a significant discount to have annual heating service performed on your heating system. 

With an Annual Tune-up

  • You stay warm and comfy while burning less fuel.
  • You save money over the course of a winter heating season.
  • You can relax knowing this service helps you avoid problems during the year.
  • You’re helping the environment by reducing fuel use and emissions.
  • You’ll know exactly what was done and why, including the replacement of worn heating system parts

All this is done now in the spring, so there’s no stress on you, no downtime for a much needed heating system when the wind is blowing (and it’s winter)! Take advantage of our Spring Service Special Offer. Call or click to set up an appointment.

Then you can rest easy, knowing you got one up on those doggone squirrels!

Have a great and enjoyable Spring!!

- Gerry