Our Team

We take great pride in the fact that many of our employees have been with us 10 years or longer.  Our overall average length of employment is 11 years!  We have the most knowledgeable and dedicated team available to assist you and guarantee your home comfort, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day!


  • Jason Harvey Jason Harvey
    Since 1991

Management Team

  • Mike Bergeron Mike Bergeron
    Fuel Operations Manager
    Since 1985
  • Alex Bown Alex Bown
    Propane Operations Manager
    Since 2015

Customer Service & Accounting

  • Beth Gordon Beth Gordon
    Since 2000
  • Andrea Harvey Andrea Harvey
    Since 2014

Service Technicians

  • Ted Whitten Ted Whitten
    Heating Service Technician
    Since 1996
  • Chris Laskowski Chris Laskowski
    Heating Service Technician
    Since 2010
  • Peter Parker Peter Parker
    Heating Service Technician
    Since 2015
  • Rob Richling Rob Richling
    Heating Service Technician
    Since 2015

Delivery Drivers

  • Scott Hill Scott Hill
    Delivery Driver
    Since 2000
  • Ian Davis Ian Davis
    Delivery Driver
    Since 2008
  • Jeff Speer Jeff Speer
    Delivery Driver
    Since 2013