Fuel & propane inventory

Patterson Fuels avoids modern trends like just-in-time inventory. We don't gamble by counting on only local wholesale suppliers to have fuel on hand; we take your fuel needs seriously!  Our substantial on-site storage of heating fuel means we can always deliver to our customers, anywhere in northwestern Vermont, any day of the week, 24 hours a day. So come snowstorm, hurricane or any other supply interruption, we are ready!

• 30,000 gals of Heating Oil 166 River Road, Richmond
• 10,000 gals of Kerosene 166 River Road, Richmond
• 60,000 gals - Propane  92 Rogers Lane, Richmond


100,000 gallons in our two facilities

Patterson Fuels has invested heavily in this area. With 100,000 gallons of fuel oil, propane as well as kerosene on hand we can provide our customers with ample fuel no matter what the weather or supply situation. 

We work with professionals 

Patterson Fuels only contracts with reputable fuel suppliers who have a very strong record of reliability. The relationships we have built with them over the decades ensures a very strong supply chain which means reliability for you!