Meet our delivery drivers

It's not unusual to see these guys on the road as early as 6 am on a cold Vermont morning.  They take your home's comfort seriously and work together to make sure all of our customers' needs are satisfied before going home for the evening.

Delivery Drivers

  • Bobby Heisler Bobby Heisler
    Fuel Delivery Driver
  • Gianni Ramon Gianni Ramon
    Fuel & Propane & Dump Truck Delivery Driver
  • Ian Davis Ian Davis
    Fuel & Propane Delivery Driver
    Since 2008
  • Jeff Speer Jeff Speer
    Fuel & Propane Delivery Driver
    Since 2013
  • Justin Bonilla Justin Bonilla
    Dump Truck & Fuel Delivery Driver
  • Kenny Ryan Kenny Ryan
    Fuel Delivery Driver
  • Scott Hill Scott Hill
    Dump Truck Driver
    Since 2000